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Kurtis Bell

Selected artist profile information for this contemporary American Sculptor
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Sculptor Kurtis Bell
Kurtis Bell with Abigail

About Kurtis Bell

Kurtis Bell never intended to be a sculptor. He was painting and wanted to come up with someway to have a model pose for him without the cost of a model, which he could not afford. His idea was to quickly sculpt the image he wanted to paint so he would have the subject and pose he wanted for a reference. Then he could reclaim the clay and start over.
He found he was better at sculpting than painting. He enjoyed it more as well.
He can now put his history of human anatomy, his love of fine art and his appreciation of form in one piece that he can see and feel in 3 dimensions.
Sculptor Kurtis Bell
Syrene and I

Exhibition History of Kurtis Bell

None as of yet.

Biography / CV of Kurtis Bell

Kurtis Bell`s Biography
I am as average a person as you could find. I?m even average in general statistics. Middle aged American male with a wife and 2.5 kids. (I always wondered about that. How you get half a child. Then I realized my oldest son was from a previous marriage. He only spent half his time with me when he was growing up.)
I was born in Bad-Cannstadt, Germany, a section of Stuttgart, in 1958. My father was a first sergeant in the Army. So, every three years we moved to a different place when I was growing up. When I was young, 7 or 8, we were back in Germany when my father took a vacation and we traveled around Germany and Italy. I remember some great places like the castles of King Ludwig, the Coliseum, and the Sistine Chapel. I was too young to really appreciate the history behind them but to this day I still remember the impact of the artwork I saw.
My father retired from the military while we were in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Then, when I was 15 we moved to Anchorage, Alaska. I had a chance to see some really beautiful places and landscapes in my youth.

When I was 17 I joined the military and did my term. I was a medic in the Army and when I got out I continued down that path. Eventually I became a registered nurse. I guess my interest in sculpting humans comes from 30 plus years of looking at human anatomy.

My interest in art comes from my appreciation of beautiful things. Places, people, animals and even thoughts. I like to make pretty things. Painting and sculpting are two ways that I seem to be able to do that. So, that`s what I do.

Artist Statement of Kurtis Bell

Kurtis Bell`s Statement
Art is one of the few things that truly set humans apart from all other animals. Other animals can use tools, build dwellings, and even communicate with one another. But no other species makes something just because it?s pretty or thought provoking.
There are so many forms of art and artists; from the obvious painters, singers, musicians, sculptors, designers and actors. To the not always recognized artists like chefs, hair stylist, architects and software designers. To the more obscure and rarely recognized arts and artists, but no less imaginative or skilled, like surgeons, mechanics, engineers, and florists. There are virtually as many forms of art and genres as there are people. There needs to be because in the great design we are so different that essentially no one can agree with the others on what really is art.
I now work mostly in clay for bronze sculptures and occasionally in oil for paintings. I don`t really know how to classify my work...I just like pretty.
Art may be for the masses but it is very individual. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and true beauty is a site to behold.

Price Range of Work

Kurtis Bell's work has a price range from £667 to £6,250

Mediums utilised

Kurtis Bell's work is found in the following materials:

Artwork Categorised

Kurtis Bell's work is found in the following categories on site:
Nudes, Female Sculptures (8)
Females Women Girls Ladies Sculptures Statues statuettes figurines (8)
Human Figurative Sculptures (7)
Classical Style Sculptures and Statues (6)
Tabletop Desktop Small Indoor Statuettes Figurines Sculptures (5)
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Dogs Sculpture
Cloud, Breeze, Wave and Wind Sculptures
Sign of the Zodiac
Interior, Indoors, Inside Sculpture
Indoor figurative sculpture
Torsos Chests Females / Women / Girls / Damsels Sculptures Statues statuary
Christian Church Sculptures, Carvings Bas Reliefs Stained Glass and Statues
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"Sculpture consists of concrete material bounded by forms, intentionally built up by mankind in three dimensional space."
Naum Gabo
Customer comment on 'Rainbow 1 (Curved Arched Modern abstract Carved Wooden statue)' by Liliya Pobornikova
Hi Liliya, Rainbow 1 arrived today. I can`t describe my delight, it is so truly awesome, where did you ever find such a piece of wood, and you are so skilled, creating such a unique piece. I`m not worried about the crack, it`s natural, and part of its beauty. This will be a privilege to own, and will last for so many lifetimes. Kind regards,
Mr A. Chalmers, Suffolk, United Kingdom.